Fundraising actions are undertaken to achieve the assigned objectives. It is understood that major activities lead the life of the foundation. We have fun and learning activities that cover the educational and cultural poles. So GREEN BOOK EDUCATION FOUNDATION in its innovative drive works on the need of protecting the environment in order to safeguard a healthy and viable living model. It is in this context that a visit to the botanical garden in Bingerville in COTE D’IVOIRE was organized for children from 5 to 15 years old.

Hope green, a 36-minute short film directed by the Foundation, was a great success during the first screening at the Palm Beach Hotel in COTE D’IVOIRE. A film that sounded the alarm by denouncing disparaging practices of forced marriage of girls in some african societies, thus mortgaging their future.

In the United States of America (Beverly hills), Italy (Venice) and all over the world, festivals of GREEN DJEMBE are held in order to make known and perpetuate the african culture.

Finally, the Foundation has designed a TV program called GREEN INVESTMENT DJEMBE to raise funds from entities, generous individuals and patrons wishing to remain anonymous to carry out programs of activities. This production being ongoing will be done in combination with the selected countries.