What is our goal ?

Promoting Education in Africa

Being the cultural and generational relay of Africa in the world.

What is our vision ?

The cardinal values of GREEN BOOK EDUCATION FOUNDATION(GBEF) are simply transcribed by words like:

  • – Respect for human dignity
  • – Unconditional humanism
  • – Recognition of others
  • – Fraternal sharing

Characterizing in that way the vision of its founder, that of giving everyone a chance, it is with this in mind that:

GREEN BOOK EDUCATION FOUNDATION(GBEF) offers an opportunity to be seized for the most deserving African children (to study at the best universities in the world) and to accompany those from disadvantaged backgrounds to emerge from this lethargy and benefit from an appropriate education in respect and dignity of their rights.

What are our objectives ?

  • GREEN BOOK EDUCATION FOUNDATION (GBEF) shares short and medium term objectives, namely :


  • – To help reduce the illiteracy rate of children in Africa.
  • -To contribute to the development of women by fighting against their marginalization in Africa.
  • -Promoting African traditions and culture in the world.
  • -Encouraging the creation of school canteens through funding.


  • – Supporting the efforts of African governments through school curricula.
  • – Encouraging all activities promoting African cultural heritage in the world.