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Worldwide,we have lots of little princes who have never paid attention to the sun present in their daily life….
The are here every day,in larger numbers in our streets,where they live in hard conditions,isolate in our cities. Since October 2006,a union string was created with men and women of good will.

Forgetting everything that can repel them,they decided to get together around their common ideal of love and fraternal sharing and st up  » the foundation for hands of good help » that became in January 2015 « the green book education foundation », with the aim,energy,and strength to come together to help these little princes.

Taking such an action in the world is not necessarily Utopian. We want to believe the precept < unity makes strength > and the existence of men of women who share our ideals around the world.
This sun that we draw for them is still a mere dim light. To make it shine,we organize shows of African dance,world culture,and sales of artworks to fund our projects.

With you,let us give hope and dignity to needy,so they go to school.


In 2016 we are launching our Green Book Education World Vision. We will be selecting gifted students from a very modest family to suppoirt from grade school thru university.

We are starting in the U.S.A. and extending to other countries and other continents. We believe that there are children all over the world that need our support. The best way to fight poverty is education, the cause of all evil in the world is ignorance and the cure is education.

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